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Which TrackOlap Features Fit Perfectly in Finance Business

The finance industry refers to the sector that encompasses various financial services, including banking,
It plays a critical role in the global economy by facilitating the flow of funds, managing risks, and
providing financial products and services to individuals, businesses, and governments.

Increase Revenue

With sales Force Automation software in place, your sales team will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time in selling. Thus, it will bring a larger revenue to your business.

Manage Leads Better

As a lead moves through different stages of the sales pipeline, sales force automation systems empower your sales team to nurture and engage with them more efficiently and effectively. It helps salespeople find out the right time to connect and develop better customer relationships.

Analytical reports

Graphic-rich analytical reports provides an in-depth understanding of factors contributing to low performance. These reports offer comprehensive visualizations, empowering managers to identify patterns, trends, and potential bottlenecks within operations or strategies.

Challenges for Financial Services

View of location in the map

With a digital map, you can instantly see where your employees are located in real time. You’ll know if they’re moving quickly or if they are idle for too long. Insightful report on how much distance individual team members have traveled. Team Insights Field Sales Automation is a mobile-based app that you can download on any smart device

Never Miss Out to Track Every Second of Workflow

Innovation is at the core of what we do. It is time to bid farewell to cumbersome time-tracking methods. Our intuitive software takes care of the heavy lifting, allowing your team to focus on what they do best – creating breakthroughs in the IT world. Whether it's project deadlines or billable hours, our smart tools ensure every second is accounted for.

Effective Scheduling and Smart Beat Planning

Plan the most efficient route for the day to maximize healthcare professional/practitioner/provider (HCP), clinic, distributor, and pharmacy coverage. Schedule visits with 100+ business constraints, like MR availability, HCP location, proximity, MR skillset, and more.

How Team Insights Powers Finance

Location Tracking

Real-time tracking of field agents ensures optimized resource allocation, prompt customer service, and agile responses to dynamic situations.

Manage Daily Schedule

Access daily schedules on-the-go with a field sales app, empowering sales reps to stay updated and efficient, regardless of location.

Task Management

Task assignments are easily communicated through the platform, ensuring a seamless workflow and reducing the risk of overlooked duties.

Attendance Management

Mobile apps enable field employees to log attendance remotely. Managers monitor real-time attendance and generate insightful performance reports.

Chat / Notification

Communication, Notifications, alerts and messages can be sent to customers or company users based on different activities performed during the day.

Mobile App

Field reps effortlessly access, update, and manage tasks from anywhere via their mobile devices, ensuring seamless flexibility and productivity on-the-go.
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