Gone are the days of tedious paperwork and complex systems. Let empower healthcare heroes to take control of their time, tasks, and schedules with just a few clicks, freeing them to focus on what truly matters

Optimize Efficiency with Seamless Time Tracking

Time is precious, and so is your business. With just a few clicks, employees can log their working hours and breaks, ensuring
precise records for effortless payroll management. Stay one step ahead with real-time tracking, allowing
you to optimize resources, make data-driven decisions, and propel your business to new heights.

Employee Location Tracking

Team Insights Employee live tracking software is the best in class geofencing & location science technology Employee GPS tracking software that can every moment of your team. Employee Live Tracking App can provide instant notifications, real-time reports, & track minute moments of your field team.

Task Management

Team Insights task automation software is a comprehensive software that can customize your task list, help you monitor each task status, follow them up and generate automatic reports based on the individual performed tasks. We aim to simplify task automation for your team.

Simplify Attendance Management

No more manual tracking or endless paperwork. With just a few clicks, you can manage shifts, track attendance, and receive instant alerts for later missed entries. Leave no room for confusion – stay on top of your team's schedule effortlessly.

Pharma Industry

Challenges for Pharma

View of location in the map

With a digital map, you can instantly see where your employees are located in real time. You’ll know if they’re moving quickly or if they are idle for too long. Insightful report on how much distance individual team members have traveled. Team Insights Field Sales Automation is a mobile-based app that you can download on any smart device

Field Force Productivity

Automate field service activities by eliminating manual tasks and focus on delivering service excellence. Real-time updates with live tracking. Get complete visibility on attendance with geo-fencing to check for any false check-ins or route deviations. Verify addresses and map territories through geotagging

Effective Scheduling and Smart Beat Planning

Plan the most efficient route for the day to maximize healthcare professional/practitioner/provider (HCP), clinic, distributor, and pharmacy coverage. Schedule visits with 100+ business constraints, like MR availability, HCP location, proximity, MR skillset, and more.

How Team Insights Powers Pharma

Location Tracking

Sales Person/ MR can mark the daily Attendance along with Selfie. His real time location tracking will be captured for the entire day along with customer’s visit location.

Customer Visit

Each visit to customer such as Doctors, Hospital & Chemist can be tracked. Total time spent at each customer is calculated automatically along with the outcome of the call & visit.

Task Management

Task assignments are easily communicated through the platform, ensuring a seamless workflow and reducing the risk of overlooked duties.

E Documents

The company’s platform enables effortless upload and access of diverse files, such as catalogs, ensuring availability on the MR’s App interface.

Chat / Notification

Communication, Notifications, alerts and messages can be sent to customers or company users based on different activities performed during the day.

Mobile App

Field reps effortlessly access, update, and manage tasks from anywhere via their mobile devices, ensuring seamless flexibility and productivity on-the-go.
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