Empowering Productivity Enhancing Result

Harness the potential of your geographical data with our AI-driven suite of functional and industry solutions.

Complete Work Solution

Simplify daily tasks with our all-in-one work management software. Track attendance, manage tasks, chat, report, and calculate salaries accurately for efficient workflow.

E-Detailing & Remote Detailing

Revolutionize your MR reporting and detailing with our tablet/iPad solution, featuring personalized content creation, effective detailing, and elevated brand exposure.

Pharma CRM Software

A cutting-edge mobile app MR reporting software designed to empower businesses by automating, tracking, streamlining, seamlessly integrating their operations.
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Features of Location Intelligence Platform ​

The foundation of our Team Insights platform lies in its adaptable core framework, balancing configurability and user experience to support location intelligence in various industry verticals and business functions.


Rapid Implementation​

Experience rapid implementation in just weeks, not months, with deployment cycles of 3-6 weeks, delivering an immediate impact for end users.


Custom Configuration

Our open modular platform offers flexibility for customizable configurations and swift adoption, catering to your unique needs.


Seamless Integration

Effortlessly link with premier ERP, CRM, eCommerce, procurement, plus various third-party and legacy applications using our intuitive interface.


Go-to Field App

An intuitive AI-driven mobile office connects field forces and back office supervisors seamlessly. iOS and Android apps maximize field productivity.


Powered by Cloud, Data, AI

Utilize our robust AI ready architecture for enterprises, capable of processing massive data volumes generating real time visual insights.


Offline Mode

The app seamlessly operates offline, and intelligently syncs locally stored data when connectivity is reestablished, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.


Patent Pending

Leverage Team Insights' array of patent-pending components and cutting-edge technology to transform your business into a location intelligence powerhouse


Multi-tenant Architecture

Team Insights' multi-tenant architecture efficiently serves customers, customizing rules, and ensuring data integrity.


Protect & Secure Business

Fortify security through identity management, role-based access, hybrid encryption, JWE support, and adept PII data management with BYOK/CMEK.

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